Vaishnavee Manay M/O Vishank Manay, Jayanagar
Sunday, 4th August 2019  |  BFC Soccer Schools

Vishank has been going to BFC Soccer Schools for over a year now and the best part of the program is the coaching that the children get. I think that they are really very nice, and gel with the children. They give equal importance to training, motivate them and do not stress on their weaknesses, indirectly teaching them more than just football.

Vishank is six and a half years old now and he’s been going since he was five, but they don’t give them the feeling that they are children and they are never side-lined. My child gets as much attention and is given importance just like the other players. BFC Soccer Schools also have a lot of events, competitive events, and friendly matches so that keeps the kids going.

Vishank’s lifestyle and his behaviour in school has visibly changed, because he is a very active child. I used to get a lot of complaints but I think since joining BFC Soccer Schools he’s changed. He is more disciplined and focused and his concentration has improved.

I have genuinely felt that people from sports are the best people. They have more life-skills than anyone with a masters or a PhD degree and I am definitely going to give Vishank that direction should he choose to pursue a career in sport.

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