Bruce Jacob M/O Rheanna Jacob, Bellandur
Wednesday, 15th May 2019  |  BFC Soccer Schools

“My experience with Soccer Schools has been great, primarily because Rheanna loves to play. She’s been going since mid-May and she is enjoying herself in terms of playing as well as there is quite an improvement in her game as well.

Football is her interest more than anything else. I do like the facilities provided by BFC Soccer Schools and the opportunities she gets being a part of BFC have also been good in the time she has been there. For me it was important that she takes part in a group sport because I feel there is a change in the child’s attitude in terms of discipline and she seems to be more organised.

I feel she has become more disciplined, a lot more responsible, she is very enthusiastic about going to classes and if I tell her she can’t go because she hasn’t done something, she gets upset by it. It tells me that she is really enjoying herself.

It is important that we, as parents, provide her a platform to explore. We need to figure out if she has the talent; secondly, we need to see if she has the determination and the will to take it forward. These are things that we are hoping will happen. We would love to see her pursue a career in sports.

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