Sreejith Nambiar F/O Advay Nambiar, Bellandur
Saturday, 21st September 2019  |  BFC Soccer Schools

Advay was one of the first kids who joined way back when BFC Soccer Schools first started. At that time, it was on and off, but so far the experience has been good because when he joined he was about 4 years old and at that time there was special care.

An important thing to note here is the coaches at BFC, and the potential opportunity for the exposure as he grows older. He loves it, because when he came in at the age of 4, it was too early for him to decide on anything for that matter, but over a period of time he has been liking it and has continued for so long.

There was a break in between, but otherwise he has been going consistently. He loves it and it gives him a lot of confidence and I think interpersonal skills are important to have and it helps. Advay dreams of making a career in sport and long he dreams and has the capability to do that we are completely with him.