Priya Mobin M/O Jordan Mobin Paul, Bellandur
Friday, 5th October 2018  |  BFC Soccer Schools

Jordan started almost one year ago and he has changed not only in football, but I think his character has also had drastic changes, he has become more responsible, more punctual and everything is in a systematic manner. I never thought that going for football coaching would bring such changes in him, but it has happened since he has joined BFC SS. Talking about his playing, that has also improved a lot, he is more focused, more determined about football. Earlier he was interested but now it is like passion. He can compromise anything for football, even his playtime.

Yeah, I think for him, since a small age he has been a very active child. He never enjoyed indoor games very much and he always wanted to go outdoors. Even now after school he is out playing in the street for hours. Once he comes back after playing, he focuses on his studies also. As parents we are very excited to think he can build a career in football.

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