Soccer Schools puts a smile on Aditya’s face
Thursday, 12th May 2016  |  BFC Soccer Schools

Aditya Kalasur Was Named The Best Player At BFC Soccer Schools Inter-SS Tournament. We Spoke To His Father Vinay About His Experience. Excerpts…

On his experience at BFC Soccer Schools…

“I am very happy that Aditya is associated with the BFC brand. He has started loving this sport so much that he dreams to be a soccer player. He has been greatly influenced by the sport overall, and BFC has given him a good platform to enjoy it. We feel Bengaluru FC is playing a big role in popularizing this sport in India. It was a great gesture to allow the kids walk with BFC players as child mascots at the I-league matches.

What is your opinion about the coaching and training at BFC Soccer Schools?

Coaching vastly depends on the experience and skill set of the coach, infrastructure and the process of coaching. We have been quite happy with all three aspects in BFC. The emphasis is on application rather than theory. Aditya is gaining confidence through tournaments that are conducted quite regularly. Match practice is very important and that’s what BFC provides with these tournaments.

How does it feel, as a parent, to know your son is one of the best players at Soccer Schools?

We were extremely happy to see Aditya winning the Best Player award, and his recognition as one of the budding talents in the U13 category. This award has boosted his and our morale. Training at BFC has definitely made him more confident and he is learning to enjoy the game. His positive attitude towards the sport is quite visible whenever we see him playing, and when we talk to him about the game. He believes that enjoying the sport is more important than winning or losing.