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Player Development Pathway

The BFC Soccer Schools Elite Academy is the next step in the Player Development Pathway. The Elite Academy hopes to bridge the gap between the club’s BFC Soccer Schools Program and the fully funded Youth Academy and Residential Setup in Bellary. The Elite Academy hopes to bring together the best players from the club’s BFC Soccer Schools program under one roof to aid their development. The best players in each age category will be grouped with each other so that the development is enhanced and the level of competition remains high.

The club has appointed Suhel Nair as the Technical Head for Grassroots and BFC Soccer Schools. Under his tutelage, we hope to bring more talented youth from within the city into the club’s youth academy, via the BFC Soccer Schools. Over 15 children from the Club Academy have gone on to play for the National Team in various age groups and in the future, these could be players from BFC Soccer Schools.

With the addition of the BFC Soccer Schools Elite Batch, the player development pathway will be completed. Our Head of Youth Development, Naushad Moosa, has turned out for several top clubs in the country and under his guidance we are sure that the children within the Elite Academy and BFC Soccer Schools are taught to play in accordance with the strategies and tactics implemented by the senior team and the Bengaluru FC reserve team.

In the Bengaluru FC Soccer Schools Elite Academy, children are given training by the club’s Academy Coaches. Periodically, First Team or Reserve Team coaches will also be in charge of sessions. In addition to their BFC Soccer Schools sessions, two extra sessions will be undertaken by coaches per week, in order to enhance player development.

In addition to our Elite Team coaches, sessions will be taken by First Team S&C Coach Mikel Guillen, Moosa and BFC B Assistant Coach Sandesh Bhoite.

BFC Soccer Schools Elite
Yash Tomar (U10) in action at The Community League
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Competitions and Tournaments

The BFC Soccer Schools Elite Team will take part in several AIFF Recognized Youth Leagues such as the U13 and U15 KSFA Youth Premier League, the U7, U9, and U11 Community League and AIFF Baby League. Our Youth Coaches will monitor the progress of these teams keenly to spot kids who have the potential to join the Youth Development Program.

The Importance of the BFC Elite Academy

Children who are part of the BFC Elite Academy will be sent for a High-Performance camp at the renowned IIS facility in Bellary. Similarly, children from other parts of the country who are a part of our BFC Soccer Schools will be attending the camp, from Gujarat, Pune, Mangalore, etc.

Children will also be given the opportunity to watch Elite Bengaluru FC Youth Teams train and play from close quarters. Training at a state-of-the-art facility in Bengaluru, the BFC Soccer Schools Elite Team will be allowed access to the same facilities as the first team.

The children are also given workshops and seminars on nutrition, healthy eating, mental health and importance of social media for an enhanced growth as an individual.

Football has the capacity to ensure the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our children who are today more technologically inclined and are spending less time doing what children should be doing - playing. Irrespective of whether a child makes it as a professional player, football can be vital tool that produces a fitter upcoming generation.

Suhel Nair Technical Head of Grassroots and BFC Soccer Schools
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