Player Development

The Player Pathway

Bengaluru FC has established a unique player development pathway for every young boy and girl who wishes to follow his dreams and become a professional football player. BFC coaches are equipped to train an advanced curriculum with latest training techniques specially designed for all age groups.

The Soccer Schools form the base of the pyramid with students learning all the fundamental skills necessary to make the cut to the fully funded BFC youth academy.

The BFC Advantage

Though they may be new to football, it is important to make sure that children who join BFC Soccer Schools get accustomed to the game. If they are good enough, it is imperative for the club to make sure that they advance to the Elite Team. Training provided to the Elite Team is technically and tactically advanced to groom them in the right way to make it to the academy teams.

Equal importance is given to our coach to student ratio (1:10). We take a more holistic approach on and off the field, the coaches are trained to teach the kids in the most advanced way and are constantly evolving. BFC Soccer Schools ensures that the intensity is always high in every single session, the pathway is also unique as the coaches know exactly when the kid is ready to move up the pyramid.

All the BFC Soccer Schools students get the opportunity to participate in the AFC grassroots festival which happens every year. There is also a tournament day which is conducted regularly for the kids to play against each other and enjoy themselves.

Children are trained depending on how well versed they are with football. To put this into context, if a kid aged 12 with no prior experience in football joins SS, he is taught football from the basics. Also, if a kid aged 7 who has already been playing and is good, he will hit the ground running when it comes to being coached. This decision will be made by the coaches.

Keeping up with the philosophy of competition, BFC Soccer Schools ensures that each child gets the opportunity to play competitive games at each level. After a season of the BFC Soccer Schools Weekend League, the club has now come up with a more extensive BFC Soccer Schools Super League, which will see children from each center play against each other. A competition like this will enable the coaches to gauge their performance and based on these results, they are given the opportunity to plan what needs to be developed.

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