Our Coaches

Our Philosophy

All youth coaches selected for the BFC Soccer Schools and Youth Development program have a rich background in playing and coaching professional football. The coaches are a unique mix of individuals who have represented various clubs and state teams.

Bengaluru FC believes in the unique philosophy that the development of coaches is the key to Youth Development. Only well-educated and empowered coaches can develop the next generation of professional footballers who will go on to compete at the international level.

For every hour spent with the students, BFC invests two hours in the training and development of its coaches with a program called the CEP (Coach Education Program). This involves practical, theoretical and task-related sessions in which coaches are encouraged to pay close attention to the methodology implemented at the first-team level, which is then filtered through the club from Academy to Soccer Schools.

All coaches are encouraged to get certified in different levels of AFC licenses to grow as professionals. The BFC Coach Education Program prepares them to attain the licenses without much difficulty.

Learning to play the BFC way is the philosophy of BFC Soccer Schools. While the child’s development in the game is important, the coaches at Soccer Schools believe that a holistic improvement in any child is also important. Equal emphasis is given to developing the technique of any child with fun sessions that make children want to come back to the centers after each week.

There are four semesters in each year of training, which helps train the children at a technical and a tactical level. At BFC Soccer Schools, we ensure that our Coaches know how to coach at the Grassroots Level (U5 to U16) and at the start of every season, workshops are conducted for coaches with on-field as well as theoretical sessions. There are also regular refreshers that happen throughout the season.

To keep the quality of our coaching intact, BFC Soccer Schools ensures that all its coaches are evaluated every three months. And that they are licensed either by the Asian Football Confederation or the All India Football Federation. Feedback from the Head of Youth Development is given to coaches after every training session and they are constantly updated with modern trends of football as they are the role models for the students.

Naushad Moosa
Head of Youth Development
Suhel Nair
Technical Head, Soccer Schools & Grassroots

Our Coaching Staff

Jeevan Jayaraj
AFC 'B' License
Raju S
AFC 'C' License
Harish Babu K
AFC 'C' License
Diwakar M
AFC 'C' License
Praveen Raman
AFC 'C' License
Jayanth SR
AFC 'C' License
Ricky Anthony
AFC 'C' License
Mahesh LM
AFC 'C' License
Michael Johnson
AIFF 'C' License
Anup Damien
AIFF 'D' License
Raju Durai
AIFF 'D' License
David Raja
AIFF 'D' License
Manu JV
AIFF 'D' License
Steven Sylvester
AIFF 'D' License
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