The Nevilles, de Boers, Boatengs and now, BFC’s Janvrins
Saturday, 15th July 2017  |  BFC Soccer Schools

They’re All Of Six, But Twins Mano And Veda Janvrin Are Already Shining Bright At BFC Soccer Schools And Are On Their Way To Wearing The Club Shirt…

Early in 2016, the BFC Soccer Schools staff was baffled while sifting through admission forms for the new season. Two separate sheets with different names had the ‘same’ photograph and everyone thought it was a mistake. But that was till someone spotted the name Janvrin at the end on both sheets. One phone call later, the mystery was solved. Patrice Janvrin had enrolled his identical twins Mano and Veda to the Soccer Schools simply because, “they always have a ball at their feet!”

“I moved here from France almost twenty years ago. When Mano and Veda were five, I had them join the BFC Soccer Schools program. The training ground is very close to where we live and the coaches at Soccer Schools have done really well,” says Patrice who is VP operations with Reitzel International, a company that’s into food processing.

Football has always been a part of the Janvrin family. Whether it’s on the television in France or the terrace here in Bengaluru, every member of the family shares a common love for the sport.

“When they were younger, I made it a point to watch football on the television with them. We watched as much football as we could back in France and the kids picked up an interest in the game. They are very young but football has been a part of their lives for a long time already.”

Patrice, who watches his young ones on the pitch every chance he gets, says that enrolling Mano and Veda in the Soccer Schools program was only a matter of time, because in the Janvrin family, the football boots come in groups of three; two of them smaller than the third.

“My eldest son Yann joined the Soccer Schools program a little earlier than the twins. He improved a lot in his first few months and I could see it. Mano and Veda were always going to follow him into the program. One year later, my twins love playing together and they often team up to score goals. It reinforces my belief that BFC Soccer Schools was the right choice,” Janvrin says.

Not being on the pitch doesn’t stop the boys from kicking about! Forty-one-year-old Janvrin says that his home has become a mini-football ground for the trio. “My wife does get fed up of it sometimes. The three of them love playing together and even when they’re at home, they’re happiest with a ball at their feet. They are always running about playing on the terrace. They make goalposts out of anything they can find and it’s a bit noisy sometimes but we’re getting used to it,” he laughs.

Asked to recall his favourite moment as a Soccer Schools father, Janvrin takes us back to the day he saw his trio on the same team for the Clarence High School center.

“We had a game at XLR8 in Hennur and I saw all three of my boys in the same team. One of my boys won the best player award that day and as a father, it was a really nice feeling. Yann has now been promoted to the BFC academy and I’m confident that Mano and Veda will join him soon.”

It’s still a while before they get there, but as it stands the Janvrin family leads the race to become the first brothers to wear the Bengaluru blue!

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