The Bengaluru FC Way

Professional football coaching at a ground close to your home ensuring any child who joins our centers learns to play THE BFC WAY.

  • ✅ Safe and secure venue for children
  • ✅ Regular weekday training
  • ✅ Age specific training
  • ✅ First-aid trained Coaches
  • ✅ Unique curriculum for Indian Children
  • ✅ Holistic approach with emphasis on Human Values
  • ✅ Training by coaches trained the European way
  • ✅ Develop motor skills and football specific skills
  • ✅ Chance to get selected for the BFC Youth Academy

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Launched in April

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Bengaluru FC Soccer Schools began in 2014 through the spirit of the historic I-League winning team. Since then we have created, delivered and evolved a full range of football programmes to over 3000 boys and girls of all ages and abilities from across Bengaluru before expanding to Mangaluru, Ahmedabad and Pune.

Whether working with coaches or players from the grassroots, advanced and national game or club partner customers, staff and clients, our aim is the same.To inspire all participants to enjoy learning, playing and coaching football through the Bengaluru FC story, youth culture and philosophy.

We constantly evolve by combining the qualities of Bengaluru FC's 1st team & Youth success, with listening and learning from the many passionate and inspirational people we meet on our travels from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

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Giving children the basics in football at the early ages is very important and BFC Soccer Schools does just that. Having seen some of these children play and train, I can assure you that we have talent in our ranks, at the grassroots level and in the academy, that will in time go on to represent this club at the highest level.

Sunil Chhetri Bengaluru FC Captain

“I am delighted to see the progress that our Youth Teams and Coaches have made over the last few years. Some of the players from BFC Soccer Schools have improved significantly, and I see genuine potential for them to reach the very top. Any parent would do well to ensure that their child plays sport, because it upholds certain values that also helps children grow as individual, such as discipline, teamwork, industry and more.”

Naushad Mossa Head of Youth Development

Football is the fastest growing sport in the world and the participation of children at the grassroots level is surely on an upward trajectory. This generation is also blessed with the availability of qualified coaches who are approaching football holistically and making football fun and engaging. Given the current professional pathways available in Indian football and at Bengaluru FC, it is definitely being looked at as a viable career option by children and parents alike. Moreover, starting at a young age is also about creating a culture of sport and a healthy lifestyle for the upcoming generation - a lifelong engagement in football.

Suhel Nair Technical Head, Soccer Schools & Grassroots

Vishank’s lifestyle and his behaviour in school has visibly changed, because he is a very active child. I used to get a lot of complaints but I think since joining BFC Soccer Schools he’s changed. He is more disciplined and focused and his concentration has improved.


Football is her interest more than anything else. I do like the facilities provided by BFC Soccer Schools and the opportunities she gets being a part of BFC have also been good in the time she has been there. For me it was important that she takes part in a group sport because I feel there is a change in the child’s attitude in terms of discipline and she seems to be more organised.


Jordan has become more responsible, more punctual and everything is in a systematic manner. I never thought that going for football coaching would bring such changes in him, but it has happened since he has joined BFC SS.

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