‘The BFC Soccer Schools Elite teams are improving with each day’
Monday, 16th September 2019  |  BFC Soccer Schools

Head Of Youth Development Naushad Moosa Believes There Are Visible Signs of Development Within The Blues’ Newest Group Of Players…

Bengaluru: They’ve only been in action for a little over a month, but Head of Youth Development Naushad Moosa believes that the BFC Soccer Schools Elite Squads have already improved by leaps and bounds, and ensures there is a long way to go. Taking part in the KSFA’s Youth Premier League and The Community League, the BFC Soccer Schools U8, U10, U13 and U15 teams have steadily improved their results, and the team is much more cohesive, Moosa said, in a chat with the BFC Soccer Schools website.

“If you look at these players, many of them have never played a single 11v11 game in their lives before joining the squad. For them to be able to get even a single result so early on is a massive achievement. We’ve been working hard with them over the course of the last four weeks and the signs of improvement are really encouraging,” said Moosa.

First team goalkeeper coach Javi Pinillos dropped by last week for a quick training session and Moosa says the takeaways from that training session were very important for his young goalkeepers. “It is not very common that children have the opportunity to learn the basics from someone of Javi’s stature. For our players to get that experience, especially in goalkeeping, at such a young age, is a massive boost and I believe that they have learned a lot from that session. Even some of our senior team players and B Team players have been joining in to help the young goalkeepers,” Moosa added.

Despite defeats in each age group at The Community League in the first game week, the U8s, U10s and U12s have responded positively, securing wins in their following games in all categories, a reaction that Moosa believes was important.

“Some of these children have never played together before. As you know, these are the best children from our BFC Soccer Schools centres who have come together, and for them to be able to come back from a defeat and react positively was a big moment for all of us. It shows that the coaches have put in the work and that there is more work to be done,” Moosa added.

The BFC Soccer Schools Elite Squad are in action at the KSFA Premier League and The Community League every weekend. For more information or to join, call +919513877006.

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