Terms and Conditions for Online Classes

1. I hereby acknowledge and agree that the BFC Soccer Schools On The Web classes is a means to train the kids at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The students will be required to set up the training space as requested by coaches using safe household items. I assure that I will be supervising these training sessions and ensure that the space is safe and does not pose any hazard for my child/children.

2. I also acknowledge and agree that online football training requires rigorous physical activity, and participation in training may expose the participant to personal or bodily injury, disability (permanent or temporary), injury or loss of limb. I also agree that Bengaluru FC is in no way expected to provide or aid in medical assistance, should my child suffer any injury while taking part in these sessions.

3. I understand that Online training requires internet connection of a higher bandwidth, and I shall not hold Bengaluru FC Soccer Schools liable for any issues with connectivity from my child’s end, be it due to inclement weather conditions, bill payment or any other circumstances.

4. I hereby waive any right, action, claim or demand against BFC, its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, consultants, officers, directors, team managers, employees, drivers, agents, heirs, successors and assignees, arising out of or in connection with my Son/Daughter’s participation in the online training organised by BFC Soccer Schools. I understand and voluntarily agree to resume any and all of the liability and risks of my son/daughter participating in the online training organised by BFC Soccer Schools.

5. As the kids will be training at home under the guidance of the licensed coaches, the atmosphere will not be the same as opposed to training in the football field. The surfaces may vary from home to home. For this very reason, it is the coaches’ suggestion and advice that the kids wear normal sports shoes for training and not football boots as it is unsafe to wear football boots on slippery surfaces.

6. The enrolled students will have to attend the online training sessions in a BFC Soccer Schools uniform, if available, or any blue T-shirt if the uniform is not available with the student.

7. The training fee for the course is INR 999 per month, as mentioned on our website. A batch will start on the 15th of every month, starting from June. The registrations for these batches will be closed by the 18th of every month. The training fee is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances.

8. BFC Soccer Schools officials and coaches will never ask you to make any payments in cash towards fees or other services and you are advised to avoid making any such payments.

9. There will be more batches added, according to the demand and addition of new batches will be duly notified on our Social Media handles and our website.

10. I hereby undertake that my child/children are of the right age to take part in the online training session as mentioned in the online registration form. I also assure that the Date of Birth mentioned for my child is true to the best of my knowledge. 

11. I understand and voluntarily agree to BFC Soccer Schools’ time-table and schedule for the online training classes, which are liable to be changed or modified based on circumstances that may arise.

12. I understand and agree that BFC Soccer Schools’ obligation to you is to use reasonable care in selecting competent, independent third party suppliers to provide reasonable services related to the Online Courses, if required. You agree that BFC Soccer Schools is not responsible for the actions or omissions of such sub-contractors or third party suppliers.

13. BFC Soccer Schools reserves the right to monitor IP addresses that are used to access the online Course and, if a student is found to be in contravention of the access rules, we may terminate a student’s access to the Online Course and its material. In such circumstances, no refund will be given.

14. Login accèss granted to various online course material with regards to zoom calls, hangout meeting links, credentials and course material URLs are not to be shared or further imitated or printed. Doing so may result in cancellation of the student’s access to the Online Course. In such circumstances, no refund will be given.

15. From time to time, BFC Soccer Schools may make modifications or enhancements to the Online training classes.  I agree to having access to such changes free of charge only to the extent that such changes relate to the Online Course purchased by me.

16. If I am unable to access the classes, I agree that BFC Soccer Schools will use reasonable endeavours to provide a solution where it has direct control over the system, software or settings involved. However, if the issue lies with my hardware, systems, software or settings thereof, I agree that BFC Soccer Schools may, in its discretion, provide assistance to me but that it cannot guarantee that any assistance provided will resolve my issue. 

17. I acknowledge that BFC Soccer Schools reserves the right to suspend access to the Website for the purpose of scheduled or emergency maintenance, repairs or upgrades to improve the performance or functionality of the website.

18. I also accept and acknowledge that BFC Soccer Schools cannot be held responsible for any delay or disruptions to my access to the Online training classes as a result of such suspension, including but not limited to any of the following:

(a) the operation of the internet and the world wide web, including but not limited to viruses;
(b) any firewall restrictions that have been placed on your network or the computer you are using to access the Online Course;
(c) failures of telecommunications links and equipment; or (d) updated browser issues.

19. All representations, warranties and/or terms and/or commitments not expressly set out in the Online Terms (whether implied by law, conduct, statute or otherwise) are hereby excluded to the maximum extent permissible at law.

20. Except as set out in the Online Terms, BFC Soccer Schools shall not be responsible for losses that result from its failure to comply with the Online Terms including, but not limited to, losses that fall into the following categories:

(a) indirect or consequential losses;
(b) loss of income or revenue;
(c) loss of business;
(d) loss of anticipated savings; or
(e) loss or corruption of data.

21. DISCLAIMER: The Online Courses are for training purposes only. BFC Soccer Schools will not accept any responsibility to any party for the use of the Online Course or Course Materials for any purpose other than training for educational purposes, including but not limited to, the giving of advice by me to any third party.

22. At all times, BFC Soccer Schools and/or its licensors, remain the owner of the intellectual property in the Online Courses and the Course Materials. Other than as specified below, no Online Course and/or Course Materials, nor any part of it may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of BFC Soccer Schools.

23. BFC Soccer Schools will process the information it receives from you or otherwise holds about you in accordance with the Online Terms and its privacy policy. You consent to the use by BFC Soccer Schools of such information in accordance with BFC Soccer School’s privacy policy.

24. I agree that the Online Terms, and any other matters arising out of or in relation to the Online Terms, are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Indian Jurisdiction.

I agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these Online Terms.