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Why BFC Soccer Schools?

Four Cities in India

BFC Soccer Schools is present in Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Ahmedabad and Pune.

Licensed Youth Coaches

Our Coaches are all Licensed by the AIFF or AFC and follow the same philosophy as that of the club's first team.

BFC Soccer Schools Super League

BFC Soccer Schools ensures that each child gets the opportunity to play competitive games at each level through an in house tournament called BFC Soccer Schools Super League.

Systematic Player Pathway

Our Youth Development program allows players to develop and play competitive football at each age group all the way up!

BFC Matchday Experience

Students get a chance to be child mascots at Bengaluru FC's Indian Super League and AFC Cup games.

Meet Your heroes

Regular Meet and Greets with India's best footballers, including captain Sunil Chhetri and goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu.


Aarav was only six years old when he joined BFC Soccer Schools and hadn't been to any academy before. His talent was raw and joining BFC was important because he needed to get his basics right. I visited four other academies and then chose BFC because there was individual attention given to Aarav during the trial class. Six years on, he is staying away from us in the Residential Academy, in Bellary, but as parents we are glad that he is able to pursue his dreams.

Dr. Leena Gharat
Mother of Aarav Gharat (BFC U13 Academy)

I am very happy that my son Aditya was associated with the BFC brand. He started loving the sport during his time at the club. He has been greatly influenced by the sport, and BFC gave him a good platform to play and enjoy the sport. As parents, we feel that BFC is playing a big role in popularizing football in India. Growing up, Aditya was allowed to walk with BFC players during matches and this played a big role in his development.

Vinay Kalasur
Father of Aditya V Kalasur (U14 Karnataka State midfielder)

I have been to a few BFC Soccer Schools centres and to see these children playing football at such a young age means the future of the sport is bright in this country. In Spain, the children get the basics right and the system that was put in place many years ago is what turned out to be successful over the last decade. I hope to see many more children playing football, and more parents encouraging their little ones to pursue a career in sport.

Carles Cuadrat
Head Coach, Bengaluru FC