Our Coaches


Albert Roca

Head Coach

Countries Where they develop footballing education at a young age get good results at the professional level. The first goal is to pay attention to the children at the lower age groups and provide them with the right people who can guide them.
Bengaluru FC Soccer Schools, with its facilities and coaches, is the best first step for any young player who is keen on pursuing a career in the beautiful game.


John Kila

Head of Youth Development


It is very important for any club to have a strong soccer school as this is where the Academy and even the First Team will eventually gain players. It is very important to have good coaching at a very young age as this is what makes great players. I have visited the soccer schools and spoken to the coaches. I have also provided them with a curriculum so that we are able to train players in a similar style of football.

Vinod Maran

Age Groups: U8, U10
Shivamani E

Age Groups: U12, U14, U16
Raju S

Age Groups: U12, U14, U16
Rajan S

Age Groups: U8, U10

Age Groups: U10, U12, U14
Jeevan Jayaraj

Age Groups: U8, U10
Harish Babu K

Age Groups: U14, U16
Diwakar M

Age Groups: U10, U12, U14
Ashweetha Shetty

Age Groups: U8, U10

coach development

All youth coaches selected for the soccer school and youth development have rich backgrounds in playing and coaching professional football. The coaches are a unique mix of individuals having represented various clubs and state teams.

Bengaluru FC believes in the unique philosophy that coaches development is the key to Youth development. Only well educated and empowered coaches can develop the next generation of professional footballers who will go on to compete at the international level.

For every hour spent with the students, BFC invests two hours in the training and development of coaches called the C.E.P. (Coach Education Program) involving practical, theoretical and task-related sessions. Coaches are encouraged to pay close attention to the methodology implemented at first-team level which will be filtered through the club from Academy to Soccer Schools.

All coaches are encouraged to get certified in different levels of AFC licenses to grow as professionals. The BFC Coach Education Program prepares them to attain the licenses without much difficulty.